Team Members

Michelle Coyer-Sensitive/Investigator/ Co-Founder


Ever since I was a little girl I knew things that I should not know.  I could feel things I could not explain and was/am hyper emotional, and all of this followed me to adulthood. I had the typical "imaginary  friend", and all though I loved people, I had a hard time fitting in. When I discovered my wiccan path, everything started to make sense. Here I am today growing my gift and giving back to mother earth. 

Liz Smith- Tech/ Production/ Investigator


I have always been fascinated with everything and anything paranormal. So when I got the opportunity to become a member of this group, with some family members, I jumped on board. Such an amazing group of people I get to work with. Investigating the unknown and helping people is such an exciting and rewarding job. Plus I get to use my creative skills as well.

Erica Petersen-Baker-Investigator/ Empath/ Medium


Ever since I was a young child I have seen things. I was fortunate that my mother never told me it was "wrong" or what I was seeing "did not really exist". She simply listened. I pushed my abilities away for a long time. I didn't tell people what I  would see or feel. Now an adult, I have learned to embrace my gift. Now that I have joined the team,  I am able to be open about what I feel and see. The best part is, we are able to help both sides of the veil. 

Kate Hoeppner-Research/ Investigator


I was born and raised in the Lutheran Church, even though paranormal discussion does not often come up in religious conversations, I have been curious about what happens after we die. I have had multiple experiences with the paranormal in my past, but I did not pursue my interest in the paranormal until recently. I want to use my interest to be able to help the living and non-living spirits around us.

Evan Frye-Investigator


I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a child I used to live in a haunted house as a kid I would hear things was scared by spirits now as I have gotten older I have grown interested in the paranormal and i have always wanted to make sense of the paranormal and I very much wanna learn how to help others and will do what I can to help others

Bryan Smith-Investigator/Website Manager